Tommy Fitzpatrick-Kittle – Denver, CO

Tommy and I met almost two years ago at Apple. I had the honor of working with him there for a year until he was transferred to another store. During that time, I experienced his amazing leadership and his ability to be there in any situation. I also learned about his passion and talent as a vocalist. I’ll admit though, I had never heard him sing until recently. Tommy asked me to take his headshots a few weeks ago, and I searched for his website to listen to his recordings. I was blown away! If you don’t believe me, check him out for yourself!


Oo Oo! Let’s go stand in the middle of this random parking lot! 😉 Tommy was such a good sport!

Totally GQ!

We had a blast, and I kept trying to him laugh to get a natural smile! Can’t be serious all the time. 🙂 Below is my favorite laugh on the right!

While exploring downtown Denver, we stumbled upon an amazing little nook hidden behind some warehouses. I personally feel it made for the BEST shots of the entire shoot!


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