Seneca’s Senior Session – Denver, CO

Loooong overdue, but so worth it!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Seneca a few months ago. She instantly amazed me not only by her beauty but also by her personality and talent, so I HAD to ask her to be my senior representative! She kindly agreed, and I couldn’t be happier to have gotten the chance to work with her. She is absolutely stunning. I actually had a hard time remembering she was one of my Seniors, not one of my models!

What really impacted me the most about Seneca though was her heart. When I met her, she shared a project with me that she began about bullying. Seneca loves making films, and after going to a summer film camp, she wanted to make a film (and not your traditional bullying film) to share at schools in Denver campaigning against bullying. She spent her entire Junior year, traveling to local schools, showing her film, and talking with her peers about ways to counteract and prevent bullying. Seneca told me, “Bullying was something that hit close to home for me because I’d been bullied before, and I know a lot of people who have been bullied. It really tore them up. I wanted to make a film that could make an impact with this topic, but not be the traditional type of bullying film. It was so much fun, and to my delight, when I came back to Denver, I was able to go to schools and show my film and talk with students about bullying in their school and brainstorm ways to try and counteract that. It has been a blast, I cannot wait to continue with that this upcoming school year!”



Hometown: New Orleans, LA – she was adopted when she was 2.Plans after high school: I plan on going to college after high school and then continuing on to law school. I have always wanted to be a lawyer.

Favorite high school memory: My favorite high school memory is kind of hard to pick out, I guess so far it would be all the times my friends and I have laughed over basically nothing but we were laughing so hard my sides hurt and I was almost crying, those are some of the best times you can have, in my opinion.

Favorite quote: I think my favorite quote would be, “Stay strong.” To me, its a mantra you can tell yourself over and over and draw strength from it and know that no matter what you can keep moving on.

What is the number one song played on your iPod? I dont have a number one played song on my iPod because I listen to everything and I cannot pick a favorite!

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