Samantha & Brian – Boulder Engagement – Colorado Wedding Photographer

I met up with these CU alums a few weeks ago while they were in town finishing wedding plans. We had the best time exploring their old stopping grounds. From the Fox Theatre on The Hill to Chautauqua Park, Boulder held so many memories for them and was the perfect place to capture their love! It was so much fun to hear college stories all while getting to know Sam and Brian. It made for great energy, happy faces, and warm hearts.  Looking forward to their wedding in June!


BoulderEngagement-1 BoulderEngagement-3 BoulderEngagement-5 BoulderEngagement-9


BoulderEngagement-11 BoulderEngagement-13 BoulderEngagement-15 BoulderEngagement-17 BoulderEngagement-19 BoulderEngagement-21 BoulderEngagement-23 BoulderEngagement-25 BoulderEngagement-27 BoulderEngagement-29 BoulderEngagement-31 BoulderEngagement-33 BoulderEngagement-34 BoulderEngagement-35 BoulderEngagement-37


BoulderEngagement-39 BoulderEngagement-40 BoulderEngagement-41 BoulderEngagement-43 BoulderEngagement-45 BoulderEngagement-47 BoulderEngagement-49 BoulderEngagement-51

(Disclaimer: Brian & Sam do not like October Sky! haha! But at least the eclectic crowd made for some great motion blur.)

BoulderEngagement-Vertical3 BoulderEngagement-54 BoulderEngagement-55 BoulderEngagement-56

BoulderEngagement-Vertical4Samantha’s grandfather, Gino Hollander, is an absolutely AMAZING painter. He not only is doing custom invitations for their wedding, but also customized some denim jackets for Sam & Brian to wear for their engagement session – how cool!! Be sure to check out his work!



BoulderEngagement-59 BoulderEngagement-60 BoulderEngagement-61 BoulderEngagement-65


BoulderEngagement-67 BoulderEngagement-68 BoulderEngagement-70 BoulderEngagement-72 BoulderEngagement-74 BoulderEngagement-76 BoulderEngagement-78 BoulderEngagement-80 BoulderEngagement-82 BoulderEngagement-84 BoulderEngagement-86 BoulderEngagement-88 BoulderEngagement-90 BoulderEngagement-92 BoulderEngagement-94 BoulderEngagement-96 BoulderEngagement-Vertical7

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