Oh my goodness, these two! Words don’t really do justice what I feel for this couple. I took their pictures for the first time almost two years ago while they were still dating. I knew right away they were something special. Not only for one another, but also for me. I left that first session with Anisah, Roderick and Anisah’s family feeling completely overjoyed. It’s not everyday a client just fills you up and brightens your whole day! I felt appreciated, loved, a part of the family, a best friend…It was amazing to me that a two hour session let me know I would be friends with these people for a lifetime.

I looked forward to the day Anisah & Roderick got engaged. A few months after that first session, Roderick proposed to Anisah on an amazing summer trip to Paris. I congratulated them over social media trying to play it cool, but deep inside praying they would contact me when they were ready to lock in a wedding photographer. All I knew is I HAD to be a part of their special day. Finally, I got the email and my heart soared!

Their engagement session was no different than their first session with me. Since then, I have found true, genuine people that care about the people in their lives (including their photographer)! It’s amazing to watch how the love they share with each other just radiates out to the people around them. That is true love. Not to mention, they just inspire me (if these photos aren’t any indication)! I couldn’t have made these without them, their love. So with Anisah’s true love for the outdoors coming out (sarcasm…haha), we went to RMNP to capture their journey to becoming husband and wide.


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