I love spur of the moment engagement shoots! Gretchen asked me to do their engagement pictures when their original plan didn’t pan out due to a lack of blooming cherry blossoms. But her florist, Bare Root Flora, was making her a gorgeous floral necklace! Such a cute idea! So two days after she asked me, we were at her sister’s house doing photos! Gretchen and Mike will also be getting married at this adorable home.

Gretchen is also the owner of the amazing Chairished Vintage Rentals in Denver. You can see some of her pieces in this shoot. She was also part of the With Love Workshop in April. I love her pieces and her amazing personality! I would recommend highly her!

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Sometimes I have to stop and just think about how many people in my life I’ve had the amazing opportunity to photograph. I am so incredibly blessed to have the privilege of capturing my closest friends’ life moments – from weddings to birthdays to graduations. This last year has been incredible! And now I am even more honored to be able to experience and photograph the gift of life.

Here is a small maternity shoot I did with my friend, Natalie, and her baby boy, Porter. It was a complete spur of the moment shoot as I was meeting with her and her midwives. She had approached me a couple months back about capturing her home birth, and after determining I could handle it (since I’ve never witnessed a birth), I accepted! What an incredible honor that she would entrust me to be present and immortalize that moment! I cannot wait! She is due May 21st, but we are pretty sure it will be any day now!:)

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When I first met with Alyssa and Kyle, they weren’t engaged yet…and they were talking to me about wedding photography! I was caught a little off guard and proceeded cautiously. Who is this couple that starts planning a wedding and hasn’t had a proposal yet? I could feel some worry about it. But now I can tell you who they are…

“In all my other relationships, there was always a little doubt if it would work,” Alyssa told me grinning at Kyle, “but with Kyle it is different. I have no doubts about him.” It all made sense in that one sentence. My heart warmed, and it reminded me, love doesn’t need a proposal (although, Alyssa did end up getting an amazing and extremely thoughtful proposal). Too often people materialize love – including myself. They shallow it, and a proposal or a wedding becomes an end goal. If there is one thing I now believe even more and am reminded of from meeting Alyssa and Kyle, it’s that true love doesn’t need those things. It is a lifelong journey. Throughout my entire shoot with Alyssa and Kyle, they beamed, full of love, joy, and romance. Kyle was as sweet as ever, just in awe that he has the opportunity to marry this girl! And I could tell that what Alyssa had told me was without a doubt true.

After our initial dinner, Kyle did propose to Alyssa. We called it “the event.” And if receiving roses from friends and family throughout an entire work day with little poems attached to them, only to then lead you to a romantic picnic where your love waits for you, isn’t an amazing proposal, I don’t know what is! These two have inspired and once again showed me that true love exists!


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