So what do you do when it’s the end of April, it should be comfortable and sunny, but instead there’s snow on the ground, freezing and raining? Shoot anyway! Kate and Chris have been such a blessing in my life and quickly became friends. When I met them via Skype while I was abroad in Europe, I had no idea we would soon bond over our love of Beau Jo’s Pizza (gotta love pizza crust and honey!) and Jesus Christ. Their support in not only my business but in my life and walk with God has been so special to me. Blessing them with these photographs is the least I could do to show them that. Heading up to Guanella Pass a few weeks ago, Kate called me asking what we should do because of the impending clouds. But with make up and nails done and the perfect outfits picked out, Kate and Chris decided to give it a try. It was my first session in the pouring rain. It was cold. It was tough. But the romantic drizzles and delirious laughs made it memorable. “It’s like the Notebook!” I said. After 45 minutes of dealing with the crazy conditions, we called it and decided to reschedule. And of course…grabbed some Beau Jo’s on the way home!


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This by far has been one of my most favorite weddings to photograph, and it’s interesting because I have always thought beach weddings were so cliché. However, Mary, the bride, with the help of Rachael Roe from Signature Belize Weddings turned this everyday beach wedding into a gorgeous island soiree complete with many deep ocean treasures – driftwood, sea turtles, and starfish to name a few. Melody Sanchez of Belizean Melody crafted stunning driftwood pieces, taking them from their dead form and turning them into wedding pieces that were incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring – an arch draped with the perfect flowers and signs painted with the perfect lettering. To take it even further, Andreas, the groom, had Melody make special pieces for him and Mary to hang in their new home together, completely etched with their wedding vows.

Mary and Andreas met when Mary set out to travel the world for a couple months. Her mom told me how she had made plans to come home, but soon she kept pushing the return flight later and later. Finally, her dad had a conversation with her trying to have her come home since they missed her so much, and that’s when she told him she had found the man she wanted to marry. Andreas was her dive instructor while she was traveling in Thailand, but she knew right away he was the one for her. So what’s more perfect than a Belize destination wedding to celebrate the love they found while diving.

The wedding celebration occurred over one week of amazing events – complete with a welcome party at a local San Pedro bar that had amazing rum cocktails, a Mayan ruins exploration and a deep sea diving excursion to the Blue Hole. It was a week in paradise for the bride and groom surrounded by loving family and friends. And from a more personal perspective, once Mary got down the aisle in her perfectly sequined gown and took Andreas’ hand, I had to take a moment, lower my camera, and catch my breath because it was not only one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve seen, but truly one of the most magical moments.
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I met up with these CU alums a few weeks ago while they were in town finishing wedding plans. We had the best time exploring their old stopping grounds. From the Fox Theatre on The Hill to Chautauqua Park, Boulder held so many memories for them and was the perfect place to capture their love! It was so much fun to hear college stories all while getting to know Sam and Brian. It made for great energy, happy faces, and warm hearts.  Looking forward to their wedding in June!


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