My favorite part of Carole & Kris’ wedding was when the best man, Kris’ brother, gave his speech. The whole day had gone wonderfully. We had the perfect amount of cloud cover and sun. Everything was running on time. Carole of course looked absolutely stunning. But this speech was what pulled at my heart. Kris’ brother explained, as many best men do, about how there are no two better people than Carole & Kris, backing up this statement by listing their accomplishments and successes in life. Again, something that is definitely great, but not anything I haven’t heard at a wedding. As he continued on, he explained how even with these successes that Carole & Kris remained generous, loving, modest, and caring people. That they didn’t care about themselves or their successes but more about the people in their lives. He then asked the guests (which there were at least 100 or more) to raise their hand if their life had been personally touched or positively impacted by Carole and/or Kris in any way. Every. Single. Person. Raised their hand. My eyes welled with tears, as did Carole’s, and I felt blessed to be able to capture memories for two people who have touched so many others.

See Carole & Kris’ seventeen degree Frisco engagement session here!


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And take two! If you recall the last engagement session I posted for Kate & Chris, we were freezing and Kate had wet hair. Yes…it rained. Their session was one of many this year that I had to reshoot or reschedule due to Colorado’s bizarre about of rainfall we got this year. Here’s hoping that does not translate to snow come winter time, or we are going to be buried!!

Be sure to also check out Kate & Chris’ wedding as well!


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This session was quite the adventure! We got a little hike in – me in sandals and jeans, Emily in a skirt, and Chris going barefoot opting to forego his dress shoes. Chris also was carrying not only a backpack with Emily’s shoes and a blanket in it, but also hangers with dress shirts and pants on them. There were times of “struggle” throughout the somewhat mild hike as we took the “shorter” route ;), but getting to St. Mary’s glacier in the end was well worth the work! I love when my couples take me to exciting, new places!

What was even more special about this session was that I’ve known Chris for almost five years now. We used to work together and also became good friends during that time. What was amazing for me though was that I have never seen Chris so full of emotion and well…happy. I just met Emily, but she has put a smile on his face that I have never seen before! And for that, this session meant the world to me! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next summer at Red Rocks Amphitheater.


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