When I first met with Alyssa and Kyle, they weren’t engaged yet…and they were talking to me about wedding photography! I was caught a little off guard and proceeded cautiously. Who is this couple that starts planning a wedding and hasn’t had a proposal yet? I could feel some worry about it. But now I can tell you who they are…

“In all my other relationships, there was always a little doubt if it would work,” Alyssa told me grinning at Kyle, “but with Kyle it is different. I have no doubts about him.” It all made sense in that one sentence. My heart warmed, and it reminded me, love doesn’t need a proposal (although, Alyssa did end up getting an amazing and extremely thoughtful proposal). Too often people materialize love – including myself. They shallow it, and a proposal or a wedding becomes an end goal. If there is one thing I now believe even more and am reminded of from meeting Alyssa and Kyle, it’s that true love doesn’t need those things. It is a lifelong journey. Throughout my entire shoot with Alyssa and Kyle, they beamed, full of love, joy, and romance. Kyle was as sweet as ever, just in awe that he has the opportunity to marry this girl! And I could tell that what Alyssa had told me was without a doubt true.

After our initial dinner, Kyle did propose to Alyssa. We called it “the event.” And if receiving roses from friends and family throughout an entire work day with little poems attached to them, only to then lead you to a romantic picnic where your love waits for you, isn’t an amazing proposal, I don’t know what is! These two have inspired and once again showed me that true love exists!


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Julie and David came all the way from San Francisco to get the Rockies in their engagement photos. Julie being a University of Colorado alum has held the mountains near and dear to her heart. After graduating college, she went to visit a friend in San Fran and ended up canceling her return ticket. And it was good she did, because there she met David.

We had so much fun traveling up to Rocky Mountain National Park and despite the crazy wind, we got some amazing photos at Moraine Park and Sprague Lake. It was an adventure for me as well since I hadn’t been to either location. I had no idea we would have to hike around the lake to the dock in the photos. But Julie pulled it off, four inch heels, snow, and all! Such troopers!


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Spending the day with Lindsey and Jason was like spending the day with lifelong friends! It’s like I’ve known them for years! Which was perfect since we drove down past Colorado Springs, on non-exisent roads, to Jason’s grandparents cabin for their engagement shoot. Lindsey is a creative herself (you should see how gorgeous and adorable her home is!), so when we talked about what they wanted for their engagement shoot, she immediately loved the idea of a theme. Using Jason’s beard and their love of the outdoors as inspiration, we came up with a mountain couple romance.

The trip took us along Phantom Canyon Road which is one of the most historic and scenic routes in Colorado. According to the Gold Belt Byway website, “The gravel road follows the route of the Florence & Cripple Creek Railroad built in 1894 as a connection from Florence to the goldfields of Cripple Creek and Victor.” It was gorgeous and was wonderful to spend a day without cell service just exploring the beautiful place we live! And Jason loved finding new places to go rock climbing!

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