Lille & Jacob [married] – North Market Venue – Shreveport, LA

Such a gorgeous wedding! Lillie and Jacob were asked by Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography to join us for a fairytale wedding at the North Market Furniture venue, and it was perfect because at their actual wedding a few years ago, the photographer missed so many moments and memories. So they were able to score a do over at this amazing Three Nails Workshop, and I was blessed to have gotten to meet them and photograph this special moment!

You can also check out the engagement and bridal session from the workshop.

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Amanda & Megan – Horsetooth Reservoir – Fort Collins, CO

Nothing like a last minute change in plans to get the creativity flowing! Ashley won a photo shoot from me at a silent auction to support the Lauren Project. We started making plans last fall, but then her husband got relocated with his job to Hawaii (not a bad place to relocate if you ask me!). While they were in town visiting for the holidays, I was supposed to finally photograph them and their adorable puppy, Tim. Unfortunately her husband got tied up, and it turned into an amazing sister shoot with her twin Megan! So as I snuggled up in the back seat with her pup, Tim, we drove to Horsetooth Reservoir and couldn’t have asked for a prettier view! We had a blast, and it really was like I was hanging out with my friends!

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Tom Kittle – Take 3 – Silverthorne, CO

Denver was having the weirdest winter up until last week, so Tommy and I went on a mission to find some snow a few weeks ago to perfectly contrast his midnight blue tuxedo. We hopped in his little tan Fiat, and off we went on I-70 west. Little did we know that we would soon run into a snowstorm on our journey. Tommy’s knuckles were white, gripping the wheel of his awesome, yet not snow-compatible, car. We asked for snow, and we got it! We finally exited off the interstate at Silverthorne and ended up wandering to the perfect place for his photos! We couldn’t have gotten luckier, and I couldn’t be happier with the photos! Also check out my other sessions with Tommy: Take 1 & Take 2.

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