I met Alyssa & Ryan last fall, and they by far had one of my favorite engagement stories. I mean, I want to do everything they told me about. Since living in Colorado I became much more adventurous, loving the outdoors, hiking and exploring my gorgeous state. So they began to tell me about their experience at Waterton Lake National Park and I was holding my breath in excitement! They had to take a boat, hike miles upon miles, shimmy across the ledge of a cliff, crawl through tunnels and then end at a magnificent view of a mountain lake where Ryan ultimately proposed! It was the perfect place for the perfect moment. And can you imagine holding onto a ring in your pocket during all of that? Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Ryan told Alyssa before they met up with me for their engagement session that I would either love him or hate him by the time the session was done. And this isn’t uncommon for me to here. Most guys hate having engagement photos done, but it’s a rare few that choose to still make it a blast, whether it be with their jokes, sarcasm or willingness to go with the flow. And even though this wasn’t up Ryan’s alley, he still made sure we all had a great time. When they confessed this to me during the session, I found it hilarious because I had so much fun with both of them! So the end of the story is I ended up loving Alyssa and Ryan, capturing their personalities, and laughing the entire session! Not too mention can you believe how unbelievably photogenic these two are?


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