Overcoming Sessions

So I was originally going to hold off on starting these sessions, but after being inspired by some of the most beautiful and amazing women last year, I couldn’t wait any longer. Therefore, today I am launching the start of Overcoming.

From a young age, I have always felt compelled to help women of all ages realize their potential but never knew how I was going to fulfill this dream I had for my life. Finally last year, everything fell into place, and I discovered a way that I could give back with my photography. The idea for Overcoming came to me when a good friend of mine asked me to photograph her as a way for her to mend from a physically abusive relationship. Before and during the shoot, she shared her story with me, and all I could think to myself was how her story could help others. I asked her if I could post her story on my Tumblr (which I no longer use). She wrote up her story and it all began.

I started reaching out to people I had met in Denver, seeking out other women who wanted to share their story, and the response was overwhelming. In a short time, I photographed a breast cancer survivor, a rape survivor, a widow, a car crash survivor, and an anorexia survivor. Each shoot left me with a sense of awe and amazement at each of these women. They had each found powerful inner strength and a happiness I think I have yet to understand. But even though I may not have fully understood it, it empowered me. So I began to think, if I, who does not relate to any of their stories, find empowerment through them sharing their struggle, I can only imagine what kind of strength another woman who is sharing that struggle can find within the experiences.

Overcoming is a way for women to help women. A community where we can find the potential we have and the value we possess. I am looking for women who want to share their story to extend a hand or even just women that want to give. It can be mothers and daughters, teenagers or elders, anyone looking to support women in need or find their own inner confidence again.

The Overcoming sessions will include:

1-2 hour photo session
Make up artist
A DVD of high-resolution edited photographs
An online gallery for 6 months
A mobile gallery for a lifetime

Cost: $200 – all proceeds go to women’s charities

For more information, please contact Jessica.


These are photos from Cherrelyn’s shoot. Check out her story about surviving breast cancer here.

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