One of my biggest regrets starting my business was the lack of mentoring I sought after while I was pursuing my passion. I found myself in a "do it myself" mindset, which quite honestly, probably set me back. What made it worse was when I did actually start to reach out to others for help, I realized that those "prized secrets of success" were locked down very tightly. So I decided after my eight years of experience as a wedding photographer and business owner, I would start sharing my "secrets." These mentoring sessions are completely open, one-on-one discussions where I hold nothing back. I will meet you where you really are in your business and passion and give you guidance based on what I have personally learned during my time as a professional, award-winning photographer.  Each session is cusotmized completely for you - what you want to learn, how you want to grow, and what goals you're setting for yourself. 


This is a no-topic-is-off-limits, completely open & honest conversation between you and me. I have found that these are the most productive & useful, if we focus on 2-3 topics in depth, instead of just scratching the surface.  I prepare for each session beforehand so please specify your main topics of interest below. 

If you're local to Colorado, let's grab a coffee or drink. Otherwise, we can chat via Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts. 

Need extra help? Book three hours get one free! 



This is a personalized one-on-one workshop in Colorado. For a full hour, using live models and an outdoor location,  I'll show how I use available lighting and scenery to create adventurous photos as well as natural posing techniques I use with real couples. Ask any questions you have about camera settings, the best lenses to use, helping couples relax and have fun, and how I use the sun, and anything else related to a live shoot.

Afterwards we'll hit up a coffee shop and chat for 2 hours about anything you're interested in. I'll answer any questions you have from the live shoot, or we can talk about any topic related to photography or business. 


Ready to learn?! Contact me below!