Love Lasts Longer Than Life – Denver, CO

Matt and I met each other at Apple working together, and recently he asked me to take some pictures so he could give them to his family. Plus it never hurts to have a good picture of yourself. I jumped at the chance to photograph Matt. He is an incredibly fun, loving, goofy guy, and I love him to death! As we are talking about his shoot, he starts to tell me that he’d like to take some really cool pictures to support another one of our friends, Ryan Gilbert. And what better business to support as Matt is having pictures made for his loved ones.

Ryan started a clothing line called Love Lasts Longer Than Life in 2005 in memory of his grandfather. Through his clean designs on hoodies, t-shirts, and stickers, he inspires the world around him to find their own meaning of LLLTL. Being a wedding photographer and huge hopeless romantic, I, of course, love the message Ryan is sending out into the world! Check them out, and start spreading your own love to those around you!


This photo is one of my favorites from the shoot. I think it really speaks to the LLLTL message. 🙂

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