Kat & Dan – ACES Aspen – Colorado Intimate Wedding Photographer

Everything about this day was perfect! I’m sure you’re looking at that first rain-drenched photo thinking, “yea sure Jessica. Perfect…” along with an eye roll. But I swear! The rain just made it even better! Of course, could you imagine leaving your hotel before your intimate wedding ceremony to go take photos in pouring rain? I’m sure Kat & Dan didn’t exactly plan for this, but would you just look at that photo? How can you be mad about it?

What made it even better though was that neither of them complained about the weather. Not once. They embraced what mother nature was throwing at them, and even agreed to go get dressed in the downpour for some amazing photos. The only comment that was made was while Dan was getting ready, trying to take shelter under the hatch of his 4Runner, “Every trip or adventure Kat and I have planned has had at least one thing go terribly wrong. It’s become a running joke and makes for some great stories! Why would our wedding be any different?” In that moment, I thought to myself, now these are my people. People who persevere, embrace challenge head on, and tackle it together strengthening their relationship. I knew from our first meeting that I adored them and that we were cut from the same cloth. They are avid hikers and adventurers, both work with animals, and even live a little off the beaten path. But this statement sealed the deal for me showing me their true characters and further, is a testament to their solid relationship.

After being soaked, my first camera malfunctioning from water damage, and tons of laughs, we made our way back to ACES (The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies). Kat’s sister-in-law dried and straightened her hair and just as the family was making their way to the pond for the small ceremony, the clouds broke and the sun began to peek through. In my opinion, this was another amazing sign from the universe, reminding us that as long as we stay driven through our challenges, stay focused on what we’re trying to accomplish and work through them together, we will come out on the other side to a beautiful outcome.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day. My heart was full of everything I loved, watching two people I knew were meant to be, whose love and relationship was a perfect example if how it should be, commit their lives to one another with crisp smell of fresh rain and autumn in the air after a wild adventure together.

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