Emily – Shreveport, LA

Photographing my sister is definitely a journey, but every time she ends up blowing me away. This is the second time I have photographed her. I did her senior pictures a few years ago. It’s interesting to look at not only how my work has changed but also how my sister has changed. The shoot itself had it’s ups and downs. My sister is definitely not a model despite being gorgeous and me expecting her to know how to model (haha!) and the climate in Louisiana is less than enjoyable. But editing the photographs brought me so much happiness. I love my sister more than anything, and she is an amazing, talented young woman! I’m so glad we are both getting to the age now where we can relate to each other and what is going on in our lives. She is becoming my best friend! <3

This next picture makes me laugh because were trying to so hard to get a picture with the bull! 😛 haha!

The only good part about photographing in Louisiana…beautiful, green, lush scenery. Other than that there are bugs, it’s sticky, hot…ew. I managed to sit in an ant bed and get eaten by mosquitos. haha! Very different from Denver.

Bye bye cotton…It was gorgeous from this shoot.

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