Colorado Winter Camping – Deckers, Colorado

So there was that one time that we decided it would be a good idea to try out some winter camping…yea…I’m sure you can guess how that went over. Let’s just say even the JetBoil couldn’t boil water. ha! It was an adventure nonetheless. Driving to Deckers, we kept watching as the temperature on the dash continue to drop lower and lower and lower, looking at each other like, “uh, is this stupid?” But we were dedicated to our adventurous spirits and continued the journey.

The drive in and of itself was breathtaking, and we stopped several times to take in the views from a old favorite place together. We had spent so much time here, but there was just something about the sunset and blankets of snow that transformed this familiar place into something magical. It was a enough to put life into perspective, and despite what was going on back in Denver, it made me so thankful to experience this with one another.

We arrived after the sun had gone down and started to get camp set up…after trying to get as warm and toasty as we could in the car. We had on so many layers of clothes and snow gear, and we definitely thought we would be well prepared for this. Andy even had his new below freezing sleeping bag.

When the JetBoil failed to boil water (haha!), we decided to try and turn in for the night. This picture of Marlowe’s face says it all. It was nothing short of miserable. Around 10:00pm we called it quits, numb toes and freezing noses. When we got in the car we realized it was 16 degrees out. We may have been crazy, but it is a memory that will never be forgotten. Nothing like the challenge of winter camping without the right gear or firewood to bring you closer! <3

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