Baby Dominic – Colorado Maternity Session

I’ve known Sasha since I moved to Colorado almost five years ago, so I was thrilled to not only take her engagement photos with Jason, but then also her maternity photos this year. I have always found it an extreme blessing to capture peoples’ life stories, and watching Sasha and Jason’s relationship grow now into parenthood has been amazing!

Sasha has also alway been one for amazing style. So when I found out she was pregnant, I was excited to see how this gorgeous gal pulled off her maternity look. She told me how she was determined not to give up her heels and how it was so hard to keep her style while carrying around her new belly (especially since she is so petite)! This session was at nearly 37 weeks, proving that even though you are extremely pregnant, it is possible to still be the best and most gorgeous version of yourself! Sasha rocked her pregnancy, and a week after these photos were taken, her baby boy was born. I had hoped to be in the delivery room to capture Dominic’s birth, but with my previously planned travel, things didn’t work in our favor. However, I cannot wait to meet baby Dominic and snap some precious photos of him!


Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-1 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-31
Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-3 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-4 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-5 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-32 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-7 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-8 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-9 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-11 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-12 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-13 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-14


Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-16 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-17

Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-18 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-19




Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-23 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-24 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-25



Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-26 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-27 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-28 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-29 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-30 Denver-Maternity-Colorado-Photographer-38

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