Hi! I’m Jess!

I believe in nothing more than human connection and real, raw love - the selfless, you-before-me kind that moves us to tears and makes us say, "I would die for you." I'm a hopeless romantic with a thirst for not only exploring the love people share but also new places to adventure to create emotional, meaningful imagery of their journey together. What reveals true companionship than an adventure? So grab some hiking boots, and let's climb a mountain!

When I am not taking in new landscapes, climbing up a mountain or behind the lens, I am mommying an adorable golden named Marlowe and sipping a sweet chai tea latte at our historic 1930s apartment in Denver, Colorado. We love going to Washington Park for a walk around Smith Lake and spend a lot of time there catching the sunset behind the Rockies. I am also an avid yogi, semi-French speaker and love collecting all things nature-inspired from my adventures. Yes, my shelves are full of pinecones, leaves, rocks, and moss-covered sticks.

If you are daring, adventure-seeking lovers, I would love to meet and explore with you! 


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